SE Texas TARA dual sport ride, Saturday, March 18th, 2017

The Purpose:
In an effort to start the Houston area chapter of the TARA (Texas Adventure Riders Association) I am planning a DS ride on March 18, 2017 just west of Houston. The purpose of this ride is to generate interest in TARA and get DS riders together in the SE Texas area for planning future rides and discuss meeting locations. The ultimate goal is to resurrect the “ET750” ride for maybe later this year and give a small taste to new riders of what SE Texas has to offer.
The Ride:
The ride will start at Bu-cee’s in Waller TX and ride to Sam Houston National Forrest then make a loop west and finally back to Buc-ee’s in Waller TX. This loop is about 75% dirt roads (all public roads) and follows some of the “Day 2, ET750” route. The planned routes include both paved and off-pavement riding and is suitable for any street-legal dual sport adventure bike. I have run this route several times and added small adjustments to make it fun. The route is about 225 miles long and takes a good 6 hours to run.
My thought is to meet at Buc-ee’s in Waller TX at 7am for a M&G, coffee, breakfast and gas. There is plenty of room to park your vehicle if you trailer your bike, plus Buc-ee’s sells ethanol free gas at this location!
Stands up at 8am so please have a full tank of gas before we leave because the first scheduled stop for gas is in Shiro TX (~100 miles from start). There are gas stops in the area but most are off the planned route.

Click here for the route.