Mark your calendars for MexTrek #6, October 26th to 29th, 2017.  This is a 4 day dual sport ride in the mountains of Mexico, a stone’s throw from the US border.
We will be dual sporting again to wonderful Galeana and the same trails and highlights we visited in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2015, and 2016.
This will be our 6th “annual” Mextrek Galeana. :rider:  Come knock this adventure off your bucket list.  Mexico is changing, and quickly, and what you will experience are memories you’ll tell your great grandkids about one day.

Official Dates: Thursday, Oct 26th – Sunday, Oct 29, 2015  Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The Sierra Leon region (named by intrepid explorer Milton Otto) is a fantastic dual sport playground containing twisty mountain roads, a seemingly uncountable number of class 1 through class 4 unpaved roads, beautiful mountain vistas, pine forests, desert highlands, and unbelievable mountain passes. Richard suggests that the dual sport adventure riding here is as good as that in the Copper Canyon region. Not only is it a great riding area, but it isn’t particularly far away either. In fact, for many Texas riders it is essentially in their backyards (a 1 day ride). So, in short, don’t miss the ~6th annual Mextrek adventure ride. It is absolutely the best group adventure ride all year.

Registration: Registration is $25 and is completed when you paypal me. If you don’t have paypal, send me an email to confirm your intent, and you can pay cash or check on the spot.  This fee includes a tee shirt to remember the event by and covers a few of the shirts I give out to folks who help along the way.

All riders who don’t already own one should order Richard’s awesome $25 MexTrek ride guide – a 68 page, spiral bound guide, with three 11×17 topographical maps, and GPS route downloads.  Order these direct from Richard (aka Trail Boss).

Registration is done via the google spreadsheet link.  Send $25 payment via paypal to, as a friend so I avoid fees, please!


Wednesday, Oct 24th: Most riders will plan to spend Wednesday night in McAllen (Mission, actually), at the host hotel, Clarion Inn (formerly Studio 6) in Mission, Texas, very near the international bridge in Anzalduas. (Currently $59 per night online. Address: 3700 Plantation Grove Blvd, Mission, TX 78572 Phone:  (956) 519-9696


Thursday, Oct 20th: MexTrek begins Thursday morning, 7AM, at the Clarion in Mission, TX. We will have breakfast, a brief riders meeting, break up into small teams of 4-10 riders, cross the border, and spend the day getting to Galeana. The first half of the day consists of riding highway west (approx 125 miles of secondary 2 lane roadway through smaller towns) to the mountains and the nice small city of Montemorelos where we have a light lunch of fajitas on the square.  The second half of the day consists of riding up into the mountains via short fantastic paved and then a short medium difficulty non-paved road through the mountains to Galeana.  Expect 6 hours of riding, 8 or 9 hours total, hopefully arriving a few hours before sunset!

There are a number of great off road rides into Galeana, as well as a short (er), easy (er) dirt road.  In case of inclement weather, the nice paved canyon road through Iturbide guarantees safe arrival in Galeana late afternoon.  We’ll stay at the Magdelena Hotel on the main plaza in Galeana.  If you are in town, ask for El Centro and follow fingertip pointing.  The whole town is only 20 by 20 blocks so its easy to find everything.

Friday and Saturday, Oct 27th and 28th: Consists of day rides from Galeana to the nearby wonderful gravel roads.  Riders will organize into teams and go ride the team’s chosen route.  The ride guide has 20+ routes, all well ridden and researched by Richard’s crack team of explorers over the years.  We’ll go back to Galeana each night for the comfort of a wonderful sub $20 hotel with hot showers and fabulous food in town.


Sunday, Oct 29nd: MexTrek officially ends Sunday morning. However, we still will provide limited oversight to be sure folks make it to the border in one piece.  For those still inclined, Sunday can also be a really fun extra riding day for anyone who didn’t get enough on Thu – Sat.  I will lead a long ride back through Santiago that is incredible, but for faster riders who can make good time.  Here’s a pics or two from the climb out going north Sunday:
2016, the Sunday trek!!!

OPTIONAL:  Monday Oct 30 – Wednesday Nov 1: For 2017 I am looking into a smaller group staying a few extra days to experience Day of the Dead.  It is supposed to be amazing in some parts of Mexico.  Any suggestions, please post up for discussion.

Ride Headquarters:
Hotel Magdelana. On the main square in Galeana.
Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico (town of Galeana, state of Nuevo Leon)
Hotel Magdalena: telephone 826-213-0106 (if dialing from the USA dial 011 52 826 213 0106)


The other hotel in Galeana, in case the ride headquarters hotel is full (not likely):
Hotel Jardin: telephone 826-213-0420 (if dialing from the USA dial 011 52 826 213 0420)
1. Travel Planning – Most Texas riders can leave sometime on Wednesday and get to McAllen by Wednesday evening / night.  On Sunday, riders can simply reverse this – have a great dual sport ride on Sunday and end up at, or across, the border early Sun evening, then get home at a decent time on Monday.  I’ve typically made it home by 1 – 2 AM in Houston to be up and groggy at the office at 8 AM.
2. What should I ride? There is an abundance of riding opportunities in this part of Mexico. A variety of different routes of varying terrain and difficulty are available to choose from so any adventure, dual sport bike 250cc and up will be fine. If you have a limited fuel range, strap a 1-2 gallon gas can on your bike and you will be okay.
3. Legality:  Your motorcycle must be registered in the USA, to you, with a clean clear title in your name.  You must post a $3 – 400 surety bond saying you won’t sell it when you’re down there.  So, it must be YOUR bike.  When you leave, they check the bike out of country and cancel your permit.  You get the bond back.  All you end up paying is maybe $~40 for the permit.
4. Is it safe? Most riders have heard the stories about the drug wars going on in Mexico so the question I get asked most often is whether it is safe to travel/ride in Mexico. Yes, I think it is safe to ride in Mexico if you follow some basic safety guidelines such as don’t ride at night, don’t buy/sell drugs, or don’t go out drinking at night in a border town by yourself. If you observe the same safety guidelines you would follow anywhere, you will most likely not have any issues.  Note:   Is Mexico Safe?  ADV Rider has approximately 30,000 posts on the subject, updated daily. 
5. Where to leave your truck/trailer in McAllen: Clarion Inn.  It’s perfect.  They give a section of the parking lot.  I chose this hotel because it is a compound, with only one way in or out.
6. Passport: Either a passport or passport card is REQUIRED  A passport card is only $55, or $30 if you’ve previously had a passport. 
Peter Shaddock
281-772-1211 (text is best)